Chaka Beach Getaway FAQs

  1. What does “Double Occupancy” mean?

It means two people will be sharing a room at the resort.

  1. So how much would each person in a “Double Occupancy” room pay?

Each person would pay 35k

  1. Must I come with a friend/partner to stay in a “Double Occupancy” room?

No, you can just pay your 35k, we will match you with a roommate of the same Gender. We can also match you to someone of the opposite gender if you both agree to that.

  1. What is “single occupancy”?

This means only you (one person) will be staying in a room at the resort.

  1. How much would the person staying in a “Single Occupancy” room pay?

The person staying in a single occupancy room will pay N52,000

  1. Is transportation included in the cost?

No, transportation is not included in the cost, but we will make arrangements for those coming from the same locations to share cabs so they can split the cost.

  1. What time am I expected to be at Chaka Resort on the 19th.

You are expected to be there from 2pm and above

  1. Are you sure the staycation will be fun?

Yes, it’s going to be so much fun that you’d wish for it not to end.